Entertainment Terrace

A dining space featuring rich live entertainment to boost the paradise resort mood is open every day on the open-air terrace next to the Orchid Pool, the symbol of Halekulani. Together with casual, filling meals and drinks, savor the unique Halekulani Okinawa experience, at times delighting in the bright sunshine, and at other times immersing yourself in a romantic mood.

Hours 6:00 PM-8:30 PM (Entertainment offerings change daily)
Capacity 64 seats

Pool Bar

Pool Bar

The Quiet Pool is an infinity pool that blends in with the beautiful scenery of the East China Sea. It is a sacred area for adults who enjoy peace and quiet in graceful surrounds. A relaxing bar has been set up poolside at the Quiet Pool. In the early afternoon as you gaze out at the glistening ocean, or at sunset, when the colors change in magical ways... Enjoy a peaceful hour or two as you surrender yourself to gentle island time. Our bartenders will prepare the perfect drink for you, such as mocktails packed with body-soothing fresh fruit and colorful tropical cocktails.

Open  Seasonal operation