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Sunday, October 20, 2024 – Saturday, October 26, 2024

Blue Zones Retreat

Renowned for its rich culture and history of well-being, Okinawa stands as one of the original blue zones—regions where healthy, long-living communities thrive. Halekulani Okinawa has partnered with Blue Zones, the company that identified the original blue zones regions of the world and applies that research to improve the health of individuals as well as entire communities and cities, to offer a 6-night, 7-day Blue Zones™ Retreat program to well-being travelers from around the world.

The retreat includes an array of experiences and workshops rooted in the Blue Zones research on Okinawan traditions that lead to a longer, happier life. Exclusive offerings range from a cooking class led by a vegetable sommelier using Okinawan superfoods to learning to play the sanshin (a traditional three-stringed instrument) and exploring a traditional wooden boat called a Sabani. Participants will also engage in “machi-maai” (a guided tour around town), learn the basics of karate—a martial art deeply ingrained in Okinawan daily life since the Ryukyu Kingdom era—as a form of mindfulness and meditation practice, reflecting on the past, present, and future to create a healthier lifestyle. The program also features plant-forward cuisine and a traditional tea ceremony.


Céline Vadam, a Blue Zones expert, certified integrative health coach, and lifestyle and wellness entrepreneur, will join us as a trainer to conduct workshops on the Power 9® principles-nine common lifestyle habits found in the original blue zones regions that support longevity and well-being.

Example stay schedule

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Period From October 20 to October 26, 2024
Schedule 6 nights, 7 days
Participation Fee 600,000 JPY per person (including tax and service charge) *Accommodation cost not included.

Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, roundtrip airport transfers (provided by OTS Transport co.,Ltd.)
and various programs inspired by Okinawan lifestyle.

*A minimum age of 18 is required for participation in this program. Thank you for your understanding.

*We kindly request that participants be aged 18 and above. Thank you for your understanding.

*This program is available exclusively for guests staying at Halekulani Okinawa.

*All images are for illustrative purposes and may differ from the actual offerings.

*Event details, dates, times, and locations are subject to change without prior notice. Your understanding is appreciated.

Capacity 25 persons
Cancel Policy 31 days prior to your reservation date: No charge.
30 days prior to your reservation date: 100% of the program participation fee and accommodation fees will apply.

For guests participating in the Blue Zones™ Retreat program, we offer special discounted rates for accommodations.