What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in time is at 3:00pm JST, and check-out is at 12:00pm JST.
Can I send my luggage to the hotel in advance of my stay?

Yes.  We can hold your luggage at our Guest Service Center.  Upon arrival at the hotel, we ask that you present a copy of the receipt slip provided by the courier service at drop-off.  The receipt must match the name(s) on the reservation and the date of arrival.  If the reservation was made via a travel agency, please include the name of the travel agency.
The address and contact information needed for your shipment is; 
Halekulani Okinawa
Attn: Guest Service
1967-1 Nakama, Onna Village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, 904-0401, Japan
Phone: +81-98-953-8600
Do I need to make a reservation for parking in advance of my stay?
No.  We provide valet parking.  Please pull up directly to the entrance upon arrival and one of our Guest Service team members will assist you.  The parking fee is ¥1,500 (approximately USD$15) per vehicle per night.  Those guests who stay at a suit, villa or Premier Club Ocean Front, can park free of charge.
Can I arrange special events, occasions or "surprises" through the hotel?

Yes. The hotel can arrange for celebratory items for a fee, such as flowers, room decorations with balloons, cakes, and wine. We ask that guests request these services in advance and our Guest Relations team will assist you.

TEL: 098-953-8600 (10:00-18:00)
Email: guestrelations@halekulaniokinawa.com

Can I bring my pet with me?
Pets are not allowed at the hotel, with the exception of guide dogs and service dogs.
Does the hotel have smoking rooms?
No.  All guest rooms, including balconies, are non-smoking.  Please ask the hotel more information regarding our designated smoking areas.
Does the hotel have wheelchair-accessible accommodations?
Yes.  A wheelchair-accessible room is available in Premier Ocean Front Twin and it includes:

-Roll-in shower with combined bath
-Grab bars for bathtub and toilet
-Tub seat
-Lowered air conditioner control panel, peephole in door and closet rod
What payment methods does the hotel accept?
We accept credit card payment for VISA/Mastercard, JCB, Diners, American Express, Toyota Finance and UnionPay.  Electronic money is not accepted.
Can the hotel hold my valuables during my stay?
Yes.  Each guest room has a safe; however, we are also able to hold your valuable items at the Front Desk.  Please ask our staff upon arrival and they will happily assist.
Can the hotel store my luggage after I check-out?
Yes.  We are happy to hold your luggage at our Guest Services Center.
Does the hotel provide complimentary WiFi for guests?
Yes.  Please read the QR code with your smartphone to access the Internet or press the "ACCEPT" button on the connection screen when checking-in or during your stay.
Am I able to ship my luggage home from the hotel?
Yes.  The cost to ship your luggage domestically is approximately USD$30, regardless of the size or weight of your luggage.  If you are shipping your luggage internationally, the cost vary depending on size, weight and destination.  Please contact us for more information or ask hotel staff during your stay.

Stay With Children

Does the hotel provide diapers?
Regular diapers and swim diapers are available for purchase at Halekulani Boutique.
Does the hotel provide strollers, bed guards and baby cribs ?
Yes.  Advance reservation is required due to the limited number of strollers, bed guards and baby cribs available.  
Can baby food be purchased at the hotel?
Yes.  Rice porridge and vegetable puree are available at all on-property dining outlets and through In-Room Dining, free of charge.  Chicken and fish paste are also available for ¥650 (approximately USD$6.50) each.  Guests are also welcome to bring their own baby food.
What amenities are available for children?
The hotel provides cribs, bed guards, bedwetting pads, diaper bins, baby chairs, high chairs, toilet training potties and seats, step-stools and strollers, and more.

As there are a limited number of these items available, advance reservations are required.  If you are not able to reserve those amenities in advance, please ask our staff upon arrival.

Restaurants and Bar

What restaurants are located at the hotel?
The hotel offers a variety of dininig options across four venues--Innovative "SHIROUX," All-Day Dining "House Without A Key," Japanese Cuisine "AOMI" and Steak & Wine "KINGDOM."  Guests can also enjoy drinks at Sunset Bar "SPECTRA."

There is also In-Room Dining available for staying guests.  For more information, please visit our Dining page.
Do any of the restaurants have private rooms?
Yes.  There is a private dining room located between Innovative "SHIROUX" and Japanese Cuisine "AOMI" that can accommodate up to 8 people for a fee of ¥20,000 (approximately USD$200) per party.
Is there a dress code for the restaurants?
For Innovative "SHIROUX," Japanese Cuisine "AOMI" and Steak & Wine "KINGDOM," we request resort casual wear.  For All-Day Dining "House Without A Key" and Sunset Bar "SPECTRA," casual resort attire is requested.  Guests who dine wearing swimsuits, beachwear, exercise attire will be seated at tables on the terrace at All-Day Dining "House Without A Key."  Please ask our staff or the restaurant for further details in advance of your visit.
What restaurants offer breakfast? Where is breakfast served on property?
Buffet style breakfast is available at All-Day Dining "House Without A Key" on the lobby floor of Beach Front Wing.  Western set menu and a la carte are served at Innovative "SHIROUX" and Japanese set menu is offered at Japanese Cuisine "AOMI" on the lobby floor of Sunset Wing.
How much does breakfast cost per person?
Breakfast at the hotel costs approximately USD$50 (JPY5,000) for adults and approximately USD$25 (JPY2,500) for children ages 7-12.  Children under 6 years old eat free of charge.
Do I need to make reservations for breakfast?
No.  The hotel does not accept reservations for breakfast.  Tables are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
Can non-hotel guests enjoy breakfast at the hotel?
Yes.  Non-hotel guests are welcome to join us for breakfast.  Guests of the hotel have priority access for tables at the restaurants.   Please contact the restaurant in advance of your visit by calling 098-953-9530 or e-mailing RESTAURANT.RESERVATION@halekulaniokinawa.com.
Do I need to make reservations for lunch or dinner?
We do not accpet reservations for lunch--tables are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.  While reservations are not required, we strongly recommend making a reservation in advance for afternoon tea and dinner.  We can accept reservations up to five months in advance of your stay.
Do I need to make reservations for the bar?
No.  The hotel does not accept reservations at Sunset Bar "SPECTRA."  Tables are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
Can non-hotel guests dine at the restaurants?
Yes.  Non-hotel guests are welcome to join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea.
Are poolside snacks available?
Yes.  Poolside snack are available on a seasonal basis for overnight guests.  Please contact the hotel at 098-953-9530 or e-mailing RESTAURANT.RESERVATION@halekulaniokinawa.com for additional information.
Can I reserve specific seats at restaurants?
No.  The hotel is unable to confirm specific seats; however, we will do our best to accommodate your request.
Which restaurants have a sunset view?
Guests can enjoy beautiful sunset view from Innovative "SHIROUX" and Sunset Bar "SPECTRA."
Are vegan menus available?
Yes, there are some vegan menus available at All-Day Dining "House Without A Key," Steak & Wine "KINGDOM" and through In-Room Dining.  They are also available upon request at Innovative "SHIROUX" and Japanese Cuisine "AOMI"--we ask that guests contact the restaurant at least five days prior to their reservation by calling 098-953-9530 or e-mailing RESTAURANT.RESERVATION@halekulaniokinawa.com.
Is baby food available at any of the restaurants?
Yes.  Rice porridge and vegetable puree are available at all on-property dining outlets and through In-Room Dining, free of charge.  Chicken and fish paste are also available for ¥650 (approximately USD$6.50) each.  Guests are also welcome to bring their own baby food. 
Can the restaurants arrange decorations for special occasion?
Yes.  All restaurants are happy to assist special arrangements such as flowers and cakes, etc.  We ask that guests contact the restaurant reservation at least three days prior to their reservation by calling 098-953-9530 or e-mailing RESTAURANT.RESERVATION@halekulaniokinawa.com.
Do any of the restaurants offer entertainment?
Yes.  Entertainment takes place daily at All-Day Dining "House Without A Key" from 6:00PM-6:30PM, 7:00PM-7:30PM and 8:00PM-8:30PM.
Does Innovative "SHIROUX" offer wine pairings?
Yes.  Innovative "SHIROUX" offers wine pairings for approximately USD$75 (JPY7,500) per person.  Please contact the restaurant for additional information.
What does the "innovative" menu at Innovative "SHIROUX" include?
The menu is curated by Chef Hiroyasu Kawate, of the two-Michelin-star restaurant Florilege in Tokyo, and features unique dishes using local and seasonal Okinawan ingredients.
Does Innovative "SHIROUX" have a-la-carte dining at night?
No.  Innovative "SHIROUX" only offers a pre-fix dinner menu.
Are children allowed to dine at the restaurants?
The following venues have age restrictions for dinner:

・Innovative "SHIROUX": Children under 12 years old are not allowed
・Japanese Cuisine "AOMI": Children under 12 years old are not allowed after 8:00PM
・Sunset Bar "SPECTRA": Guest must be over 20 years old after 8:00PM
Are children's menus available?
Yes.  Innovative "SHIROUX" and Japanese Cuisine "AOMI" offer children's menus for breakfast.  They are also available at House Without A Key, Japanese Cuisine "AOMI" and Steak & Wine "KINGDOM" for dinner.

On-Site Facilities

Does the hotel have laundry facilities?
Yes, there are two self-serve laundry facilities on-property that are available 24 hours per day.  The facility located on the second floor of the Beach Front Wing has two washing machines.  The facility located on the fourth floor of the Sunset Wing has four machines available. 
Is there gift shops or convenience stores on-property?
Yes. There are two Halekulani Boutiques on propery where guests can purchase souvenirs and some convenience items.  There is also a convenience store, LAWSON, approximately three-minute walk from the hotel gate, toward North accross from the street.
Does the hotel provide medications for guests?
Due to government regulations, the hotel is not permitted to provide medicinal products.  We ask that guests bring their own medications.  Should you need medications while on-property, our staff is happy to assist you in finding the nearest drug store.
Is there an ATM on property?
No.  There is an ATM available for use at the LAWSON, the convenience store located across the street from the hotel, which accepts major foreign credit cards.
Is SpaHalekulani available to visitors who are not staying at the hotel?
No.  SpaHalekulani is exclusively available to guests who are staying at the hotel.
Is there a public bath or sauna on property?
An onsen (hot spring) and a Jet bath are available at the indoor pool--swimsuits are required to use them.  Both of our separate men's and women's changing areas at SpaHalekulani feature an onsen and a sauna for those guests with spa reservations.
Is there a fitness center on property?
Yes.  There is an on-property fitness center that is open 24 hours per day (*currently open 9:00-19:00).  Workout wear can be rented for a fee, including t-shirts, shorts and shoes.  Socks are also available for purchase.


Can I use pools before check-in or after check-out?
Yes.  Guests can use pools on the days of both check-in and check-out.
I have tattoos. Can I use pools?
Yes, our guests with tatoos can use pools; however, we kindly ask our guests to cover your tatoos wearing a long-sleeve top or long shorts, or using athletic-type tape.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 


How do I get to the hotel?
By car: The hotel is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from Naha Airport via the Okinawa Expressway.  Take the exit for Yaka Interchange and travel north for approximately 13 miles.  Halekulani Okinawa is located on the left at 1967-1 Nakama.  The hotel can also be reached via Route 58, which takes approximately 90 minutes.

By public transportation: There are multiple public transportation options available, including the Airport Shuttle and Airport Limousine Bus.
Does hotel provide transportation to and from the airport?
Yes.  We can arrange for a taxi or private car for a fee.  Please ask our Concierge for more information.


Are professional photoshoots permitted on property?
Yes, photoshoots arranged through the hotel are permitted on the property.  We ask guests who prefer to use an independent photographer conduct their photoshoots do so on the off-property areas of the beach.
Can non-hotel guests use the pools?
No.  The pools are reserved exclusively for guests who are staying at the hotel.
Are hotel facilities available to visitors who are not staying at the hotel?
Guests who are not staying at the hotel are welcome to enjoy our signature restaurants and visit the Halekulani Boutiques.  Swimming pools, guest activities and SpaHalekulani are available exclusively to overnight guests.
Does the hotel provide wheelchairs?
Yes.  Advance reservation is required due to the limited number of wheelchairs available.
Does the hotel accept foreign currency?
No.  The hotel does not accept payment in foreign currencies; however, we are able to exchange select currencies on-property.
Are there public smoking areas at the hotel?
Yes.  There are designated smoking rooms located on the Lobby floors of the Beach Front Wing and the Sunset Wing, and a smoking area near Quiet Pool.
Can I exchange foreign currency at the hotel?
Yes.  The hotel is able to exchange money for 12 currencies: USD, GBP, KRW, TWD, THB, AUD, EUR, CNY, HKD, SGD MYR and PHP.
Does the hotel have a Business Center?
No.  There is not a Business Center at the hotel.
Can I rent a car through the hotel?
Yes.  Our Concierge can assist you with renting a car.  We recommend arranging for your car rental at least one day in advance.  Please do not forget your international driver's license if you do not have a Japanese one.
Can I make a reservation at the local golf courses through the hotel?
Yes.  Our Concierge can assist in booking a reservation for you at the local golf courses on the island.
Can I purchase tickets for the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium at the hotel?
Yes.  Guests can purchase tickets at our Concierge desk.
Does the hotel offer a swimsuits or water floats?
Swimsuits are sold at the Halekulani Boutique.  No water floats are available and arm floats are provided free of charge for children.

Precautions and Responses during Typhoon

What safety measures are in place for guest rooms?
For the safety of our guests, chairs and tables on the terrace of guest rooms will be removed or secured with ropes. Plants on the hotel premises will either be removed or protected with typhoon nets. Additionally, due to the heavy rain and wind during a typhoon, please be cautious when opening and closing room doors as well as car doors during outings.
Is in-room massage available?
In-room massage services are not available. Please note that the spa’s operating hours and services may change or be suspended based on the situation. For more details, please contact the spa staff.

SpaHalekulani Reservations: +81-98-953-8555 (10:00-20:30)
Email: spa@halekulaniokinawa.com
Is laundry service provided?
Laundry services may be suspended. Please be aware of this in advance.
Can nearby hospitals be accessed?
Hospitals might only handle emergency cases, so it’s recommended to bring extra medication in case returning home becomes difficult as per your travel itinerary.
Can shopping be done at nearby facilities?
Nearby facilities might not be open, so it’s recommended to purchase necessary items from supermarkets or convenience stores in advance.
Can reservations be changed or canceled?
Cancellation fees will not be charged for cancellations due to delays or cancellations of flights to/from Naha Airport, or for cancellations of stays due to changes or shortening of itineraries. Guests who have directly booked with the hotel are encouraged to contact us via phone or email.

Room Reservations: +81-98-8686 (10:00-18:00)
Email: reservations@halekulaniokinawa.com

For reservations made through the official website with flight-inclusive plans, car rental plans, travel agencies, or online travel agents, please contact the original application source for inquiries.
Can the hotel arrange changes or cancellations for flights?
Please contact the airline directly for flight-related inquiries.
Is room cleaning and evening service available?
Room cleaning might include replenishing towels, amenities, minibars, and emptying trash bins only. Additionally, evening service might not be provided.
What happens during a power outage?
During a power outage, operations will be carried out using emergency power. Due to the limited power available from the emergency source, public areas and room temperatures will be kept at a certain level. Please note that automated toilet flushing will not be available, so use the manual lever when using the toilet instead.
Can reservations made through the hotel for activities, restaurants, transportation, babysitting, and golf be changed or canceled?
Changes and cancellations for activities, restaurants, and transportation arranged through the concierge at the time of room reservation will be accommodated. However, cancellations of services like babysitting and golf might incur cancellation fees even during a typhoon. For details, please contact the concierge.

Phone: +81-98-953-8600 (10:00-18:00)
Email: concierge@halekulaniokinawa.com

*Please note that during a typhoon, priority will be given to assisting guests staying at the hotel. Inquiries related to advanced reservations might take time to be responded. Your understanding would be highly appreciated.
Can arranged services like resort photography or paid arrangements (balloons, flowers) be cancelled?
Cancellation fees might apply even during a typhoon, so please contact Guest Relations for detailed information.

Phone: 098-953-8600 (10:00-18:00)
Email: guestrelations@halekulaniokinawa.com
Can the pool facilities be used?
The outdoor pools will be closed, but the indoor pool will be available for use. Information regarding the reopening of the outdoor pools will be provided based on the situation.
Can the beach be accessed?
The beach will be closed. After the typhoon passes, it might take time for the beach to be restored due to maintenance of the swimming area and confirmation of dangerous marine life.
Can activity programs be available?
In the event that both the outdoor pools and beach are closed, temporary indoor activity programs will be arranged. For more details, please contact the activity staff.

TEL: +81-98-953-8600
Email: activity@halekulaniokinawa.com