Wellness Retreat

The comprehensive Wellness Retreat program at SpaHalekulani combines signature spa treatments
and therapies with Reash 4 Stance Theory, an innovative and curated approach to
personal training that delivers maximum results with minimal impact.


Training Room

Rooted in the biomechanics of movement and motion, the Reash 4 Stance Theory is a curated method of training that incorporates four major types of movement based on an individual’s center of gravity and natural axis of rotation.

This training focuses on understanding the unique characteristics of the body and developing a curated training regimen that places a minimal amount of strain on the body and incorporates conditioning exercises that allow the body to move in harmony with its natural center of gravity and central axis.


Training Room

Training Room

Following each training session, indulge in a personalized wellness treatment at SpaHalekulani designed to target specific needs or areas of sensitivity. After, relax and unwind with a serene soak in the natural hot springs to warm the body and release any lingering tension in the body and mind.

Choose from five types of three courses, with options that range from a half-day session for those who are interested in exploring personal training to a two-day retreat that encompasses up to three training sessions.


The Reawaken program is a half-day experience recommended for those who are interested in working with a personal trainer and exploring their physical strength and capabilities. The half-day program includes a 90-minute personal training session and 90- or 120-minute treatment at SpaHalekulani.

One Day

The one-day Rebalance program is designed to regain/achieve body balance.
The day-long experience includes a 150-minute personal training session and 90-minute or 120-minute treatment at SpaHalekulani to expedite recovery.

Two Days

The Revitalize program spans two days of training/recovery that is designed to Reawaken, Rebalance and Revitalize the body. This program includes three personal training sessions, with a focus on learning relevant exercises that can be done at home to energize the body. Each day of training will be followed by a customized treatment at SpaHalekulani to stimulate the body’s recovery.

  • Room rates will be charged separately.
  • Please apply for this program at least seven days prior to your desired date of use.
  • The Wellness Retreat has the following cancellation policy.
    • ・ From 24 hours prior to the reserved time: 50% of the reserved menu price
    • ・ From 12 hours prior to the reserved time: 100% of the reserved menu price