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  • For Guests with Food Allergies


We do everything we can to provide a pleasant meal for customers with food allergies.

In the restaurants in our hotel, our staff will ask you about allergies when you make an advance reservation and when you order. Upon request, some of our menu items can be changed to allergen-free dishes that do not use the “8 specified ingredients” or the “20 items equivalent to specified ingredients.”

8 specified ingredients Egg, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanut, shrimp, crab, walnut
20 items equivalent to specified ingredients
Seafood Abalone, squid, salmon roe, salmon, mackerel
Meat Beef, chicken, pork
Fruit Orange, kiwi fruit, banana, peach, apple
Other Gelatin, soybean, wild yam, almond, cashew nut, sesame, macadamia nuts

We check the ingredients based on the information received from the manufacturer or distributor. However, foods containing the seven specified ingredients and other food allergens are routinely handled in every place there is cooking or eating in our hotel, including in the kitchens and restaurants.

For this reason, although the tableware and our cooking utensils are thoroughly cleaned, there is a possibility that trace amounts of allergens from the environment may enter the food during the cooking process.

Please be aware that the meals we provide are not completely free of the specified allergens. Consult your doctor before dining with us if you have serious food allergies and check the information above before placing an order.

We may refuse a request for the sake of customer safety.